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If you're looking for a fabric shower curtains to beautify your shower rooms, it's important to read this article first. It will help you to decide which of them are best choices. You can buy cheap fabric shower curtains but does the quality is good? Does it fit to the taste you want?

Thank you for visiting our fabric shower curtains website. Most of us or maybe all of us using Fabric shower curtains in our shower room, some prefer simple and other want elegant type of fabric shower curtains.

What ever type of curtains you prefer or looking at, the bottom line is that we need this single and bigger decoration in our shower rooms. In this site I would like to help you to decide what type or fabric shower curtains should you buy. I would like to present some good curtain decoration here for you to decide.

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Some of you prefer cheaper one, some prefer elegant design and willing to pay more to the fabric shower curtains that make them happy or satisfied them.

What I want to show to you are Catherine's David designs of fabric shower curtains.

Sari Range - Lime and Jade

A great choice among those designs of Catherine David, this lead weighted curtains is double sided which is available in Lime and Yellow color.

This design of shower curtain have different color from each side. With this feature of the curtain meaning they are reversible.

Available sizes :

Shower 1100 w x 1900mm h (44 w x 74.8 h inches)
Bath 2250 w x 1800mm h (88.5 w x 72 h inches)

Price : $117

Sari Range - Lime and Pink

Like Sari Range Lime and Jade this design of curtain which is available at Catherine's David store is also double sided, lead weighted.

Available size:

Size: Shower 1100 w x 1900mm h (44 w x 74.8 h inches)
Bath 2250 w x 1800mm h (88.5 w x 72 h inches)
Price : $117

Both Sari - Lime/Yellow and Sari Range - Pink and Orange have the same specification and features as the first 2 design. They have also the same size and the same price. All of these 4 design are great choice for your shower room.

Is another design that is available at Chatherine David's place, this design is cheaper than the first 4 Sari Range design. The curtain design is beautiful silver chandelier that make your shower curtain look elegant.

Shower: 1300mmx1900mm (51inchesx74inches) Clear or Opaque plastic
Bath: 1700mmx1800mm (67inchesx70inches)
Price : $84

There are lot more available designs at Catherine David's store that you can choose and fits your taste.

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